Making Investments

Economic cycles challenge every business. Real estate and hotel development are particularly vulnerable, as it is fundamentally a long-term investment based on short-term facts.

It is our corporate belief that successful developers must be uncompromising in their investment standards during growth periods and have the ability and courage to act upon opportunities during declining periods. They must also continuously strive to make sound long-term decisions while maintaining the flexibility to diversify and adapt quickly to changes that may disrupt even the most well-orchestrated project.

Our team of hotel real estate professionals, who founded Baywood Hotels, have witnessed the cyclical ravages of overdevelopment and lack of anticipation over the last 30 years. These individuals consistently recognize opportunity within these cycles and have succeeded in building coveted properties that profit and grow. During the real estate bust of the 1990s, the partners of Baywood Hotels purchased over 15 distressed hotels from various institutions. These properties were renovated and repositioned successfully in their respective markets with the placement of capable operations and marketing teams.

Baywood Hotels continues to evolve with market movements, as we are always searching for hotel acquisition and development prospects. We seek to pursue and capitalize on opportunities that create long-term investor value and optimum returns, dedicated to investment standards that transcend all property types.

Our investment record and management style has allowed us to cultivate an excellent relationship with major lodging companies including Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Choice Hotels, and The Carlson Companies to further our investment goals.

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